Business & Benefits

Thor Power Corporation is a high-technology company specializing in the design, development, and marketing of exceptionally efficient electric motor systems–microelectronics and permanent magnet motors, perfectly matched to application–principally up to 5 kilowatts. Thor Power develops cutting-edge energy-saving technology under the name TREZIUM® –the technology benefits of which are twice the power, half the weight and up to half the electricity loss of traditional electric motors.

Compared to antiquated technology in use today, Thor Power’s TREZIUM® electric motor and microelectronic controller system is more revolutionary than evolutionary. With the TREZIUM® System, product quality goes up, costs go down, profits increase, and customers are more satisfied.

Thor Power’s business benefits are speed and the flexibility to license its technology to original equipment makers (OEMs), developing strategic partnerships with OEMs and suppliers and selling complete TREZIUM® Systems to designers, developers, and distributors. In short, our mission is “Electric Efficiency.”

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Call for Investors

Thor Power is currently seeking to raise approximately US$5M of equity financing for its Phase two development, which among others will allow the Company to launch its electric power system ranged from 250 W to 25kW, with an initial product in the 2kW range, and establish its position in the market. Thor Power is looking for specialized investors with a special interest in initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming.  Thor Power promotes the next generation of motor technologies, through its TREZIUM® technology

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Grismir® Generator & Motor Applications

Thor Power™ Trezium® Electric Motor (Fig. 1). Our Brushless Alternating Current (BLAC) three-phase motor is slotless, sensorless with permanent magnet rotor, providing smooth variable speed over the complete rpm range from start-up to 30,000rpm, unlike the ratcheting trapezoidal step function of a Brushless Direct Current (BLDC). The motor can also be used as a generator for wind, solar and hydro applications. The motor is scalable, the design principle / techniques of the motor and controller system can extend to 25kW or beyond in a light weight, extremely powerful, efficient package.

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