About Thor Power

Thor Power offers a ground-breaking, system-wide solution for electric motor power needs up to 5kw/6.7HP. The Thor Power TREZIUM® electric motor System is more revolutionary than evolutionary. We offer an ultra-efficient, cost-saving, highly reliable and supremely durable electric motor technology. We are in the business of providing our customers with the electric motor power they need to get their job done.

Based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we design, develop and market the TREZIUM® electric motor and microelectronic controller. It is ready to go “out of the box” for many applications and easily customizable for specific needs. The groundbreaking nature of our independently tested technology will power the future needs of an ever-increasing energy dependent world.

How We Began

In 2002, Thor Power, under the leadership of 30-year industry veteran David Bonner, set out to revolutionize electric motor systems. Bonner recognized that developing a technology that could cut energy loss by up to half for 80% of the world’s electric motors: air conditioners, refrigerators, power tools, medical machinery and so on would have dramatic impact on world industry, consumers and the environment.

We began by taking a concept for revolutionizing the electric motor that had been stalled in European research labs since the early 90s. After two years of development, we successfully rolled out proof of concept prototyping in September 2004. In 2006, we were granted our first patent. Our first electric vehicle license was granted in October 2006 and first production units were fired up in 2007.

The Energy Research Center at the world-renown Lehigh University has been testing of the TREZIUM® electric motor System. The results showed it to be more efficient than many existing power systems.

It’s how we do business.

Thor Power is more than revolutionary. We are realistic. We understand that break-the-mold technologies require early-adopters willing to embrace dramatic change. Our company embraces a very flexible business model, seeking long-term partners who are committed to both their own products and to the implementation of our energy saving technology.

We provide technical expertise and quality control whether licensing to a manufacturer, arranging manufacturing ourselves to your specifications or working jointly through a third party. Thor Power is committed to finding a win-win solution. Our flexibility applies to the technology itself. Though full benefit is yielded from implementation of our integrated system, our Grismir® motor and TREZIUM® microelectronic controller may be used independently of one another.

Contact us today to inquire about how Thor Power can help your company lead in energy efficiency, save money and increase profits. PMAC Electric Motor

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