Thor Power’s TREZIUMĀ® electric motor systems are ideal for use in a wide range of industries from aerospace to power tools. Our ultra-efficient, cost-saving, highly reliable and supremely durable electric motor technology not only cuts energy loss by up to one-half, but it is also twice as powerful and half the weight of conventional electric motors up to 5kw/6.7HP. Rigorous testing has proven our TREZIUMĀ® electric motor systems to be dramatically more efficient than existing power systems.

Thor Power Grismir motor ~ power tool applicationAdvantages of using our innovative technology are endless. Airplanes could weigh less by shedding heavy hydraulics. Hand tools could become lighter, more powerful and more durable. Air conditioners could use less energy while maintaining a more constant temperature.

With Thor Power technology, 80% of the world’s electric motors could be replaced saving individuals and companies tremendous energy resources and money cutting costs and increasing profits. PMAC Brushless Electric Motor

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