When it comes to HVAC (Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning), comfort and efficiency are key. With the TREZIUM® variable-speed electric motor System, your customers need not sacrifice comfort for energy savings and you can take the lead in creating tomorrow’s ultra-efficient, cost-saving, highly reliable and supremely durable electric motor-powered HVAC equipment.

Thor Power Trezium Electric Motor System ~ HVAC applicationsThor Power’s groundbreaking TREZIUM® System is poised to revolutionize how HVAC manufacturers tackle the ever-increasing pressure to innovate while at the same time reducing electricity consumption, size and maintenance costs.

Our technology will enable you to design, manufacture and sell the next generation HVAC products that make use of electric motor power up to 5kw/6.7HP.

HVAC units tend to be noisy and generally don’t provide constant temperature?constantly kicking on and off, wasting energy and causing disruption in the process. With the Thor Power TREZIUM® System integrated into your next generation HVAC units, you and your customers will experience…

More consistency.

No more energy draining on-and-off spurts. Our system can run variably while using up to half the losses of current constant drive systems.

Reduced noise.

The noise of HVAC units would be drastically reduced. TREZIUM® systems have fewer moving parts thus creating less noise than current electric motors.

Increased reliability and durability.

In prior power tool application, our technology was 10 times more reliable and 5 times more durable than contemporary technology. That means less maintenance and longer life for customers.

Contact us to learn more about how our technology and flexible business model can power your HVAC units and profits for decades to come.

Renewable Energy

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