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Thor Power Corporation is a high-technology company specializing in the design, development, and marketing of exceptionally efficient electric motor systems–microelectronics and permanent magnet motors, perfectly matched to application–principally up to 5 kilowatts. Thor Power develops cutting-edge energy-saving technology under the name TREZIUM® –the technology benefits of which are twice the power, half the weight and up to half the electricity loss of traditional electric motors.

Compared to antiquated technology in use today, Thor Power’s TREZIUM® electric motor and microelectronic controller system is more revolutionary than evolutionary. With the TREZIUM® System, product quality goes up, costs go down, profits increase, and customers are more satisfied.

Thor Power’s business benefits are speed and the flexibility to license its technology to original equipment makers (OEMs), developing strategic partnerships with OEMs and suppliers and selling complete TREZIUM® Systems to designers, developers, and distributors. In short, our mission is “Electric Efficiency.”

Inset BoltDoes your business, product or research require electric motors up to 5kw/6.7HP? Do you want a competitive edge, market leadership, and the ability to offer the highest quality products on the market? Then look no further than Thor Power.

Our TREZIUM® electric motor System replaces technology that is more than 100 years old, the technology that initiated the Second Industrial Revolution. At Thor Power, we’re focusing on the Third Industrial Revolution, a worldwide drive toward incredibly efficient “green” power systems.

The benefits of the Thor Power TREZIUM® System are clear and proven compared to prevailing designs.

An environmentally smart solution.

Green is in. By offering products with up to half the electricity loss, it’s easy to make true claims of environmental benefits. Not only that, but our rotor is 100% recyclable. Promote the fact that your products will save consumers money, while simultaneously promoting a cleaner, greener environment.

Competitive advantage belongs to the swift; the first to market. Contact us now to learn how Thor Power can fuel your profit margin with its new TREZIUM® electric motor technology.

Reliability by design.

Reliability has been built into our product by design. Our motor has fewer parts than alternative designs so there is less to go wrong. Achieving one printed circuit board for power, control and the majority of the world’s voltage requirements goes a long way toward increasing manufacturing quality, reliability and reducing the total cost of serving customers. And Thor Power is committed to product excellence through a test regime for each product and ISO standards.

Extraordinary durability.

TREZIUM® is designed to be five times more durable than conventional systems. For example, a power tool using the standard technology under normal conditions may provide 400 hours of use. A similar tool using the TREZIUM® System will weigh one-third as much, provide more than double the power, and last over 2,000 hours! See our segment on Power Tools.

Our innovative design does not make use of mechanical commutators and carbon brushes, the parts of traditional motors that wear out over time. The total cost of ownership is reduced because of lengthened lifespan of the product. Service calls of the future will have nothing to do with worn out electric motors so provide warranties, offer products at higher prices and yield greater margins with your better quality products.

Exceptional safety.

Safety is a key priority, above all else. Our electronics are grounded, and each has a built-in circuit breaker to assure maximum user safety. In addition, the electronics have an over-temperature cutout to protect both the user and the system from use beyond specification.

Our motor has a thermistor to prevent motor overheating and is double insulated. And, there is never a reason to disassemble the motor, so users and other electronics are protected from the motors magnetic system.

The specification has been developed to meet the requirements of CE Machinery Directive 98/37/EC, Low Voltage Directive (79/23/EEC, 93/68/EEC) and EU EN50144/EN60745, as well as UL60745.

Cuts energy loss by up to half.

For every 100 watts of power put into standard universal electric motors, only 47 to 65 watts are output in the form of mechanical energy. That’s a significant energy loss, not to mention the waste heat.

Thor Power’s new TREZIUM® electric motor System reduces losses of electricity by up to 50% compared to today’s antiquated technology. For every 100 watts of power going into the TREZIUM® System, up to 84 watts are output as mechanical energy meaning it’s up to 84 percent efficient. 

Weighs less than half as much.

The TREZIUM® System uses powerful magnets in the rotor to replace the electromagnets and carbon brushes found in conventional systems that rely on mechanical commutation. As a result, designs can be achieved that are half the weight of their traditional counterparts.

Moreover, the permanent magnets permit a small diameter rotor, which can be driven at up to 30,000 rpm and 500 hertz, giving extraordinary power.

Generates twice the power.

With conventional electric motor systems, upwards of half of the electricity is being wasted. We provide much of that back in improved power. With the Thor Power TREZIUM® electric motor System, if you have 2300w watts going in, you get approximately 1900 watts coming out on the business end providing you nearly twice the effective power as a standard motor system.

One world, one product, many solutions.

Inset BoltTREZIUM® is ready-made for almost any voltage, resulting in reduced engineering time, fewer supply chain issues, reduced product cost and increased profit. One motor, one controller!

Our flexible system is ready right out of the box for many applications and is easily customizable for specific needs through programming for specific applications.

With traditional electric motor systems, product developers and manufacturers must create at least six different types of specifications for the same product to run at different voltages around the world.

TREZIUM® is ready-made for 115 to 240Vac and 100 to 375Vdc virtually global coverage resulting in reduced engineering time, less supply chain issues, reduced product cost and increased profit. One world, one motor, one controller with solutions to fit your needs.

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