Thor Power is currently seeking to raise approximately US$5M of equity financing for its Phase two development, which among others will allow the Company to launch its electric power system ranged from 250 W to 25kW, with an initial product in the 2kW range, and establish its position in the market.

Thor Power is looking for specialized investors with a special interest in initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming.  Thor Power promotes the next generation of motor technologies, through its TREZIUM® technology

Its multi-patented electric power system TREZIUM®, replaces technology that is over 100 years old providing extraordinary efficiency in both generation & motoring. It has half the energy loss, twice the power and half the weight of conventional systems to over 25kw/33.5HP. It has applications in over 19 vertical market segments (USD16B+) including wind/hydro generation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), power tools, appliances & Electric Vehicles (EV’s).

In a market where a more efficient use of the energy is a priority, Thor Power’s products provide a solution, which can be used in multiple markets.


Thor Power has been backed by Ben Franklin Technology Partners, who for more than 25 years has put early-stage technology-oriented companies on the map.  Their investment in Thor Power is a glowing endorsement of the market opportunity we represent.

Thor Power™ products double the efficiency use of electricity, permitting a paradigm shift in design

Thor Power Trezium Electric Motor System ~ investors

For more information about our capital raising process contact Maite Pina at

Committed to green technology

As a company, we employ a very flexible business model. We seek long-term partners who are committed to both their own products and to energy-saving technology.  Whether licensing our motor and microelectronic controller to a manufacturer in-house, manufacturing the product ourselves or working jointly through a third-party manufacturer, Thor Power provides outstanding technical expertise and quality control. Manufacturers seeking potential joint ventures should contact Maite Pina at

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Our technology provides energy savings while helping companies in a multitude of industries, be more profitable.

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