Nikola Tesla’s famous 1888 lecture before the U.S. Institute of Electrical Engineers at Columbia College in New York City was the world’s introduction to the first practical AC electric motor. Today, consumer demands and environmental pressures have far outpaced the capabilities of the old-guard electric motor design. The TREZIUM® electronics Power Converter and permanent magnet motor System by Thor Power meets that challenge.

Thor Power’s new technology is every bit as “disruptive” as Tesla’s design more than a century ago.

With the dizzying pace of technological evolution in the 21st century, it’s hard to believe that the fundamental principles behind the AC electric motor powering everything from refrigerators to respirators has not fundamentally changed in nearly 120 years.

Compared to prevailing electric motor technology, the Thor Power TREZIUM® System:

  • Is more reliable and more durable
  • Runs safer and quieter
  • Provides better performance
  • Reduces electricity loss by up to half
  • Weighs half as much for the same output
  • Uses the same design for any voltage worldwide
  • Is cheaper to operate

Imagine: Thor Power technology can provide 80% of the world’s electric motor needs with 50% of the energy.

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The TREZIUM® Electric Power System is ideal for virtually any application requiring a motor up to 5kw/6.7HP range including pumps, compressors, fans, machine tools and power tools to name a few.

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